Welcome to Mountain Top Arboriculture

The cause of caring and studying plant life in American mountains to preserve the ecosystem is a great challenge to the members of the organization. Your support and donations serve as the organization’s lifeblood for doing its mission. Your money will surely go a long way for the next generation to experience trees surrounding their environment. The organization relies on your help. Come and join us in conserving the crowning glory of the earth—the trees!

Please follow the steps for donation:

  1. Choose the amount you want to donate. You may click, “Other Amount” if your desired amount to donate is not found in the selection.
  2. Fill out the information form. Rest assured that the organization respects your privacy by keeping the confidentiality of your personal data.
  3. Select the payment method most convenient to you. You may choose credit card method or direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Mountain Top Arboriculture is an independent, non-profit organization which does not accept money from the government or corporations. It also means that the money you donated is not entitled for income tax credit.

The amount of money the organization receives is totalled every end of the month. This financial assistance from generous donors is used in the following ways:

Procurement of equipment, facilities, and supplies

In order to maintain good condition of trees, equipment and tools as well          as additional facilities for on-going studies are necessary. Vehicle such as pick-up truck requires maintenance since they are always utilized in carrying heavy equipment and supplies to the mountains’ rough roads. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals are also needed to treat tree diseases and perform pest management.

Additional funds to research and study

The organization’s researchers continuously conduct research and study      in order to present comprehensive findings to problems of trees such as diseases.

Means for public information

Caring for the trees is also a job of the citizens. Hence, the organization    encourages the people to preserve the trees through awareness campaign. This can be done by giving out flyers, posting guides, and conducting seminars and workshops.