Welcome to Mountain Top Arboriculture

Mountain Top Arboriculture is a non-profit organization established in 2010 with the aim of advancing the field of arboriculture. It is composed of licensed arborists, plant health care experts, committed researchers, foresters, tree workers, and other people passionate in the study and care of plant life on famous American mountains.

Currently, it is focusing on plants in Washington Mountains, specifically,      Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Mount Adams, Mount Olympus, Mount Stuart, and Abercrombie Mountain.

The organization has a mission to promote tree benefit and care awareness through comprehensive research and study and to encourage everyone to protect the trees. It is evident that arboriculture facilitates the preservation of biological ecosystem condition which is currently affected by harmful activities of man. The maintenance of trees and grass also creates a welcoming and healthier environment vital in both the well-being of people and of the ecosystem.


Todd Massey and Bill Parker were college classmates in the University of Wisconsin taking up Bachelor’s Degree in Arboriculture. Their passion in the field urged them to continue a Master’s degree in the same university. As the two of them were finishing their graduate studies, they were encouraged by Dr. Albert Stuart, their teacher, to create an organization for the study and care of trees. After graduation, the three of them started the organization with Todd’s garage as their office. Dr. Stuart also helped in looking for interested people to be added in the team. Fortunately, a group of urban foresters in Minnesota came and also invited Sarah Milson, a researcher from Illinois. The group’s commitment to arboriculture made institutions and establishments support their mission including The University of Wisconsin as well as the Tree Fund. Since then, collaboration and assistance were received from different entities and foundations. Presently, the organization is based in Seattle, Washington and is comprised of over a hundred thousand members.