The Mountain Top Arboriculture center is a non-profit organization established in 2010 with the aim of advancing the field of arboriculture. The center is a well-known spot used for educational and research purposes as it is located at the peak of the Watershed. It is also a haven for many outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy Catskills’ natural landscapes.

If you are much of a hiker, the center has guided tours of the area. After all, the maintenance staff has the skills and knowledge to properly handle an center. Here is how they do it:


Every week, the staff trims the grasses in the area with a high-powered mower. The best ride zero turn lawn mowers are used since the arboretum is very huge.


The trees in the area, especially the younger ones are inspected on a regular basis. This usually takes an hour or more for every area. This is necessary to check the general health of every tree in the arboretum.


A method used by the gardeners to keep the trees moistened and weed-free.


This is to keep the younger trees from being stomped over or damaged by wandering wild animals in the arboretum.


Aside from giving the trees a haircut, this process also increases its growth and fruitfulness.


The daily watering routine is a practice to retain the nourishment of the plants.


The garden is fertilized every one to three weeks depending on the plant type and need. This is to ensure that nutrients are given to the trees and plants around the area.

Disease and Insect Control

To maintain a healthy atmosphere, the staff controls any swarm of insects pestering the area. Not taking control of these harmful insects might cause disease outbreaks.

The staff in the arboretum values nature. They make sure that the maintenance of the area is done professionally without eliminating its natural charm. Their aim is to support nature and not to conquer it.

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